Experts agree "Basement ventilation improves air quality, reduces pollutants!"

“40% of the air that we breathe in our homes comes up from the basement.”

Yes, everyone in the house is breathing air that was once in the basement…that’s not good air!

A recent study indicated that foundation walls, due to their porous nature absorb 10-15 gallons of water vapor (or humidity) per day, which is responsible for up to 80% of the home’s indoor moisture, and can accelerate the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew as well as create allergies/asthma, attract bugs, spiders and pests.

Unfinished and finished basements both create risks for toxic exposure throughout the whole home. In an effort to make your home less toxic, it is important to control water leaks and water entry, from the basement into the rest of the house. Additionally, controlling mold is important as this toxin, more than any other, will place your family at greatest risk. The humidity and condensation in the basement is what most often creates a mold risk.

The EZ Breathe will help improve the air quality by combating the natural “stack effect” (the law of physics that says warm air rises) in the home thereby allowing your homes existing heating and air conditioning system to address the basement as well. EZ Breathe creates a much needed path of escape for the dirty basement air and introduces the existing clean, dry air from upstairs to replace that damp, polluted air. No additional heating or cooling ducts are necessary, the EZ Breathe will assist the air in circulating throughout the entire home. The entire home will benefit from the increased air exchanges, creating a cleaner, healthier living environment you can see and feel!

With humidity and condensation left to run amok, the basement of your home can create a health risk to the entire house. Because basements are generally cooler than other parts of the home, it is important to insulate the pipes and walls correctly and to ventilate the space by bringing fresh drier air into that space. Keeping the basement warm and dry in the winter months is critical to reducing the development of toxins in the home.

EZ Breathe Basement unit installed ^^

What EZ Breathe Crawlspace Conditioner will do for you?

  • -Removes the GALLONS of water vapor that enter your crawlspace daily
  • -Reduces mold and mildew
  • -Removes musty odors
  • -Protects your foundation from decay
  • -Provides a healthy indoor environment throughout the whole home
  • -Energy efficient at only $2–$4/month
  • -Removes allergy/asthma triggers
  • -Creates whole home air exchanges
  • -Conditions your crawlspace, a key to a healthy home
  • -Exhausts airborne particles, soil gases and radon that enter the crawlspace and eventually, your home

Why EZ Breathe Crawlspace Conditioner is Superior to “Old School” Cross Ventilation:

Mechanical ventilation is the best answer for crawlspaces.

Why? If you try to control moisture in a cool space with humid air from the outside through open vents, you are at the mercy of weather and wind and often end up with a damp, moist, moldy environment.

Passive vents are no longer recommended as building codes across the country are changing to include mechanical ventilation in closed crawlspaces as the solution to keeping a crawlspace healthy and dry.

“From a psychometric standpoint, venting a crawl space to remove moisture works only when the outside air is dryer than the crawl space air.” – RLC Engineering, LLC., The Fallacies of Venting Crawl Spaces

EZ Breathe Garage System:

It's not about the garage... It's about the effect the garage has on the air quality in your home!!Garage units commonly contain many contaminants, such asCarbon Monoxide- From vehicle exhaustBenzene- a carcinogen found in gasolineA host of other toxic pollutants that are commonly stored in garages paint, pesticides, gas, and oil cans, fertilizers, chemicals, cleaners, etc.
“74% of all carbon monoxide detectors that went off in the home were triggered by pollutants and toxins leaking into the home from the attached garage” -University of Minnesota, Department of Agriculture study, 2009, 2011

How EZ Breathe Garage System Works:

Ez Breathe Garage Ventilation system continuously exhausts unhealthy and toxic substances out of the garage, there preventing it from entering the home.

Why EZ Breathe garage system works:

EXPELS the polluted, toxic air from the garage to the OUTSIDE REVERSES the natural flow of garage air into the home VENTILATES the garage, creating air exchange.